The Goal

Goal: $10,000 USD

1.75 % complete
Currently: $175 (1.75 %)


I am the Council Leader of the Star Citizen Organization called WARPED, and I go by the name of ElementsOfChaos on both Spectrum and Discord. As the leader, I am trying to build the best organization I can like many other leaders. WARPED is an organization that dips into all areas of Star Citzen. My goal is to try and obtain at least 1 of every ship and allow them to be available to all organization members to try and use. This is to not only assist with organization activities, but to allow members who cannot afford the larger ships, to try and complete contracts. Doing this will allow us to cover different organization activities and divisions, let members try different roles and careers, and give members who do not have the financials or time to buy the ships themelves to try out.

Unlike others, I do not have the financials myself to purchase all these ships and items. I also do not have the characteristics and time of a Youtube/Streamer personality to help raise money. However, my experience and skills as a Software Developer allows me a different avenue to raise funds to not only help fund building my organization, but to also help fund the project and development of Star Citizen in the process.

Disclaimer: Star Citizen is created by Cloud Imperium Games. Not by Lunar Source LLC.

What the money will go towards

  • $7,000 USD will go towards buying ships for organization wide use
  • $3,000 USD will go towards organization gear for members

Once the goal is met, all additional funds will go towards further development and improvments of Singularity and other development projects, and more and more ships!

The funds breakdown

  • War Pack: $5,000 USD Click For Details
  • WarPack1 WarPack2 WarPack3 WarPack4
  • Additional Ships: $2,000 USD Click For Details
    • Anvil Terrapin: $220 USD
    • Consolidated Outland Pioneer: $850 USD
    • Crusader Industries C2 Hercules: $360 USD
    • Crusader Industries Genesis Starliner: $400 USD
    • MISC Prospector: $155
  • Organization Gear: $3,000 USD Click For Details
  • Not Confirmed, Just Ideas
    • Giveaways
    • Dog Tags
    • T-Shirts
    • Mouse Pads
    • Lanyards
    • Posters
    Items will contain both WARPED and Star Citizen Logos (With permission from Cloud Imperium Games)

Looking To Join WARPED?

Welcome To WARPED!

Whether you are an individual player, group of friends, or even another organization, there are opportunities for you in our organization! We are here to bring organized crime to the universe in all professions. Our goals and organization structure provides not only profit, but security to our members. Not a criminal, but still looking for an organization? Like any good organized crime organization, we have a "legal front" you can join.

Main Organization Page: Click Here To Sign Up!
Recruitment Spectrum Page: Click Here To View
Ask Questions On Our Discord: Invite Link

What Is Star Citizen?

"Imagine a universe that combines the freedom of exploration, the thrill of combat, and the unique challenge of building a life in space. Star Citizen puts ultimate control in the hands of the player, whether you're making your way as a cargo hauler, exploring the vastness of space, or scraping out a living outside the law, you will navigate through a mixture of procedurally generated and handcrafted worlds and interact with a variety of characters.

Star Citizen is in active development. You can download and play Star Citizen Alpha 3.0 now. Additional features and updates will be released as they are developed." -

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Disclaimer: Star Citizen is created by Cloud Imperium Games. Not by Lunar Source LLC.