Singularity Road Map

Below are the very rough estimates of target release dates. Dates are based on expected development times, and I have a full-time job currently. Please note that these are subject to change like any development.

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Version: 1.0

Target Release Date: December/January 2018/2019
  • Singularity Client Installer
  • Singularity Server Installer
  • Singularity Client Updater
  • Singularity Client
  • Singularity Server Updater
  • Singularity Server
    •   Account Module
    •   Rosters Module
    •   Information Module
    •   Ship Renting Module
    •   Application / Job Posting Module
    •   Contract Module
    •   Admin Panel / System Editors

Version: 1.1

Target Release Date: April 2019

Singularity Server

  •   Mining Module
  •   Salvage Module
  •   Repair Module
  •   Shipping Module

Version: 1.2

Target Release Date: July 2019

Singularity Server

  •   Discord Integration
  •   Email / Alert Notifications
  •   Affliate Management Module