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With the additional Application / Job Posting module, you can set up your organization to run automatically. You can do this by setting up ranks, set up the permissions, and assign a rank to a position. Once setup is complete, when one of your member aquires the job, their rank and permissions will be changed to match the position. Don't want to tie your ranks to positions? Just leave the rank field blank, and the member's ranks will not change automatically.

With the additional Discord Addon, you can also use the option to transfer the rank changes to Discord.

1. Create Your Ranks

Edit Ranks

2. Edit The Permissions

Edit Permissions

3. Assign Rank To A Position

Add Position

With the included Rosters module, when a user registers on the server, they are automatically added to the member roster. A user then can go under the My Ships screen and assign which ships they currently own. All the ships that are entered can be viewed through different rosters.

Member Roster

Member Roster

Member Totals

Member Roster

Ship Roster

Ship Roster

Ship Totals

Ship Totals

Unlike in-game contracts where they are just recorded by the players who create and accept them. Organization leaders have no visibility of contracts done between members, and are unable to handle disputes. With the Leadership/Managment module, leaders will be able to view all contracts, have different metrics and statistics available, and many other features to assist with keeping track of organization activities. This is especially useful for organizations that specialize in production, mining, and other professions that depend on supply and demand operations.

With Singularity, you will be able to record ships, inventory, contracts, locations, profits, losses, places of interest, gathered intell, and many more things. All this information is kept safe because all information is stored on a separate dedicated server from Star Citizen. This means your are protected if the information gathering and hacking system can interfere, or can hack parts of Spectrum org system. It also means that in-game systems like ratings, piracy, and reputation have no knowledge of contracts, and other information being performed within the organization. With the addition of the Alliance module, your organization members will be able to create contracts with allied organizations who have Singularity. Instead of broadcasting to the whole universe, Singularity lets you broadcast to only organization and allied members. This prevents outsiders from knowing what you are up to, or to interfer with your activities.

With the Event System addon, leaders and members can create different activities and events. These events can be from social events like meeting up on a moon, or flying around, to planning pirate raids. With the Scheduling addon, members will be able to post their schedules and availability, along with leaders to post organization tasks and activities. Both these systems allow leaders to setup operation schedules and know who will be online at what times.

Currently, Singularity has 11 modules dedicated to specific professions.

  • Exploration
  • Farming / Hydroponics
  • Medical
  • Mining
  • Personal Transport
  • Pharmacy
  • Racing
  • Repair
  • Salvage
  • Shipping
  • Trading

Each module records and maintains information to assist members, and to be successful. It also allows leaders to have visibility on the different departments in the organization.

Security Features

User Credentials
Like any system, users register/create their accounts with a username and password combination. Users will log into the system every time they restart the client.

Database Security
Singularity will have two different database options. The two database options currently planned are Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL). With the Microsoft Access database, the database will be password locked. So if your computer were to get compromised, and your database was obtained, there is an additional password preventing anyone from just opening it up and seeing the stored data. For MSSQL, there are more security features available like using Windows Authentication, unable to just copy and paste a copy of the database, and much more.

Database Backups and Auditing
Since Singularity is hosted locally, backups can be done reguarly and at anytime needed. This helps to prevent shutdowns in the case of corruption, or if information needs to be restored in the case a user goes purge happy. Singularity also makes audit logs of changes for most tables in the case history of an action needs to be traced. For instance, if your wondering why a rank or permission was changed, those who have access to the database, or reports, will be able to pull up audit history to determine who made the last changes.

System Security
Since Singularity is hosted locally as a dedicated server. Security to the machine hosting the server is all up to the owner of the PC. This means that you can have piece of mind on the security based on your own home network setup. This means if you have knowledge of network security, you can setup your own firewalls as added security.


The purpose of this application is to allow organization leaders of the online PC game Star Citizen (by Cloud Imperium Games) to have visibility about the members and tasks being performed within the organization. Organizations in Star Citizen are the equivalent to guilds or clans that may be found in alternative online games. This system provides a business structure, organization management, and gives organization leaders visibility on their members and activities.


This application is a multiple client - server application that uses a MSSQL or Microsoft Access database. The organization leader, or an appointed member, will download, setup, and host the dedicated server on their PC. Once setup, members will connect to the server with a client they install on their own machines.

This project was designed to assist with reaching "The Goal".

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