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The purpose of this application is to allow organization leaders of the online PC game Star Citizen (by Cloud Imperium Games) to have visibility about the members and tasks being performed within the organization. Organizations in Star Citizen are the equivalent to guilds or clans that may be found in alternative online games. This system provides a business structure, organization management, and gives organization leaders visibility on their members and activities.


This application is a multiple client - server application that uses a MSSQL or Microsoft Access database. The organization leader, or an appointed member, will download, setup, and host the dedicated server on their PC. Once setup, members will connect to the server with a client they install on their own machines.

This project was designed to assist with reaching "The Goal".

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Development Phases Potential phases depending on popularity and funding. These phases may be implemented during development.

The Core

Core Module Screenshot

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The Core contains all the modules that come as default with the Singularity system.

Account Module
    - Update Login information (Handle/Password)
    - Update Discord handle and nickname
    - Update Time Zone and Country
    - Users can update other's positions based on rank, position, and permissions
    - Users can list the ships they own

Rosters Module
    - Member Roster (Lists all members in the organization along with their rank and position)
    - Member/Rank Totals (Lists the total amount of members in each rank)
    - Ship Roster (Lists all ships and their owners in the organization)
    - Ship Totals (Lists the total number of each ship that members own)

Information Module
    - Ranks (display rank totals and members of rank)
    - Positions (Get description of positions and availability)
    - Teams (Get description of teams and availability)
    - Departments (Get description of departments and availability)
    - Divisions (Get description of Divisions and availability)
    - Ships (Get details about all ships added)

Admin Panel
    - Edit Ranks (Allows up to 20 different ranks not including the DEFAULT rank for new users)
    - Edit Rank Permission links (Assign different permissions and access to different ranks)
    - Edit Divisions
    - Edit Departments
    - Edit Teams
    - Edit Positions
    - Edit Ship Manufacturers
    - Edit Ship Information

Below is a list of all the features currently being planned or developed.


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  • Synchronize ranks that are setup in Singularity with roles in Discord
  • Synchronize member ranks in Singularity with roles in Discord
  • Ability to flag and inform of inactive members
  • Allows users to select which text channel to monitor and send messages to
Depending on the addons and modules that are purchased and active, members and leaders can enable different email notifications.


  • Sends email when a selected position becomes available
  • Sends email when getting close to inactive threshold
  • Sends email for event invitations
  • Sends email when certain contract types become available
  • Sends email for organization announcements
Allows management and members to create organization or group events for participation. These events can also either be public, private, or limited. Once setup, the event creators are also able to send invites to the whole org, individuals, divisions, departments, or teams.
Link to different radio and music media.

  • Pandora
  • Spotify
  • Import music files from PC
  • Allows leaders to post messages to other leaders
  • Allows leaders to send org, division, department, or team wide messages
  • Allows users to send messages to each other
  • Allows users to leave notes on their account pages for others to view
  • Allows leaders to leave notes on user's accounts for other leaders
  • Allows users to schedule their personal availability
  • Allows leaders to schedule org and group activites
  • Allows leaders to schedule org tasks
  • Allows leaders to view user availability with filters

Please note that this is a potential idea/concept that has not been fully tested or flushed out. May be removed.

This addon will allow leadership members to setup different squad chats. These chats can be organized by just user selection, rank, team, department, and division. Leaders will also be able to broadcast over multiple chats, while other members of the chats will be contained in the one's they are setup in. This system will use Discord voice or another VOIP, and other tools to accomplish a multiple team chat.

Below is a good explanation of the expected outcome, or atleast a variation.


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  • Contains an open position board for members to apply for open positions
  • Allows for members to apply for positions
  • Allows members to resign or quit positions
  • Allows leaders to process applications
  • Allows leaders to process resignations
  • Allows members to view members of their team
  • Allows members to view members of their departments
  • Allows members to view members of their divisions
The purpose of this module is to allow members to create their own contracts that only members of the organization, or those who have access, to view and accept them. This helps not only to allow leadership to keep track of organization activities, but also to assist when disputes occur between members. This can be used with other modules, and assist with accounting for the organization.
  • Allows members to create contracts/jobs
  • Contracts can be adjusted at multiple times through the process
  • Contracts can contain different payment types
  • Contracts can be accepted by 1 or more members
In this module, users will be able to add information about places of interest, or newly found locations. Users will be able to give a location, description, possible resources, and other key information for other members. This is a great way for members to give information about locations, and keep the information within the organization. It can also be resources for certain professions like shipping on what to avoid, miners to know where to find resources, or traders to know where the good trade locations are.
This module will allow farmers to keep track of all their important information. This information includes farming locations, skills, items needed, and many other things. This can be used by farmers to record and report their farming yields, where their stock is, and where their fields are. It can also be used to help farmers calculate different costs and profits that can be earned.
  • Allows users to view and share farming skills and information
  • Users can record farming yields
  • Users can record farming locations

* More Information will be added as the game develops
The purpose of this module is to help record medical activities in the organization. Here, users can post if they need medical assistance like a rescue or other medical needs. It can also keep track of the different skills and abilities of different medical members. This can help in determining which member is the best for the situation. It will also assist with keeping medical records of user's characters, and any long-term care members.

* More Information will be added as the game develops
This module allows members to record mining locations, gathered resource information, and many other things. With this module, your miners will be able to know the best places to mine, what resources to mine, what items maybe needed, and keep statistics about their operations. Miners will be able to update location information with what they have mined, so other miners are aware of remaining resources at different locations.
This module allows those in the Passenger Transport career to store information about their ships, their amenities, inventory, crew, and other information. Uwers will be able to keep track of which of their ships have the right resources, amenities, and crew for the job. They will also be able to record routes, destinations, and other travel information. This module will allow members to work together and develop systems like public transportation, or a travel agency.
This module allows members to record both legal and illegal drug activities. Users will be able to record "patients" and organizations willing to buy the medical supplies. This will allow users to record inventory of different products, or where to obtain the dupplies.

* More Information will be added as the game develops
This module allows users to record key information about the racing team. Racing members can record which ships they are using, and any modifications. Users can also record when races are and their own statistics. They will also be able to record information about race locations and other information.

* More Information will be added as the game develops
This module allows users to rent ships from other users. This is great for members who have extra ships to make extra money, or allow members to try out ships.
  • Allows users to specify which ships
  • Users can assign default rental agreements per ship
  • Rental Agreements can be adjusted at different times
  • Agreements are confirmed and agreed upon by both the owner and renter
  • Different payments can be assigned to agreements
  • Users can view a list of available rentable ships from all users
  • Rentals go from Open > Pending > Active > Returned > Completed
* More Information will be added as the game develops
* More Information will be added as the game develops
  • Allows users to record inventory on ships
  • Users can post shipping requests
  • Users can post shipping routes
  • Shippers can post shipment locations
  • Users can setup shipping agreements

* More Information will be added as the game develops. The overall idea is to simulate either a shipping warehouse or postal service
* More Information will be added as the game develops.
With this module, users will be able to record trade routes, places to trade, inventory, and trading prices.

* More Information will be added as the game develops.

Management Modules

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The module allows leadership to record which organizations are affiliates, and allows leadership to give the affiliate users different permissions to different screens and tasks.
  • Leaders can record which organizations are affiliates
  • Leaders can assign different permissions for affiliate members
This module allows leaders to record the location, description, inventory, and other key information about base locations. This will help leaders to have visibility on what ships, items, and crew may be at different base locations. Leaders will also be able track, distribute, and request inventory. For example, if base location is used for manufacturing, leaders can request inventory of raw materials for productions, and request services to ship out products.
  • Leaders can record base locations
  • Leaders can record inventory information at each location
  • Leaders can record and have statistics on inventory/resource usage
  • Leaders can distribute/request inventory

* More Information Coming Soon

* More Information Coming Soon