Midnight Engine

Midnight Engine is an 2D MMORPG Game Maker Engine. With the decline in MMORPGs due to high development cost and time dedicated to create one. We set out with the goal to make a game maker engine where both developers and non-developers can get their own MMORPG out fast and easy. The engine comes with access to the source code, already included MMORPG mechanics, along with a community helping to add and improve features.

Get A Game Out Faster

With many of the other popular game engines, you still have to do all the programming for game mechanics, networking, and database logic. The engine comes with a variety of built-in editors, pre-built game mechanics, and compatible with popular SQL databases. By setting up, using the editors, you can have a game up an running within hours. With access to the source code, you can make further changes to make it your own.

Manage Your Development & Business

With Midnight Professional, you get access to different development and management tools to help boost productivity and keep records.

Dvelopment Tracker
Transaction Manager